We know what you have been waiting for, and now it is finally here! Algomint is thrilled to announce its testnet launch today. On September 3rd, you can go to https://testnet.algomint.io to try it out!

Step-by-step guide for preparation

On the testnet, you can now try out the KYC process, add Algomint tokens to your Algorand wallet, and mint/burn testnet goBTC and goETH tokens with testnet BTC and ETH. A detailed step-by-step guide to help you prepare the testnet Algorand wallet and tokens can be found here.

On 2nd July, Algomint hosted a Twitter Space AMA with founders Michael Cotton and AJ Milne, moderated by Algorand Community Champion Adriana Belotti.

Started 9pm AEST sharp and we already had a full room. Both questions from the community and answers from the founders received excellent feedback. Those who heard about it afterwards came to the Telegram Group for more information, so we decided to share the content here for public reference.

By and large, the questions can be divided into 4 parts: 1, Explain Algomint; 2, Custodian; 3, Futures Plans; and 4, Peers.

1. Explain Algomint

Q: If there…

Seed round closed with strong demand

Algomint is pleased to announce the conclusion of a private seed round of USD $1.5m. The remarkable demand from investors reflected on their strong conviction in the value Algomint will bring to Algorand DeFi by minting synthetic assets like goBTC, goETH, and goUSD.

“The DeFi ecosystem benefits from cross network asset flow. We’ve seen synthetic BTC on Ethereum and we’re looking forward to bringing BTC and ETH to Algorand.” Says Algomint co-founder, AJ Milne.

Investor and Partners

We are pleased to welcome below Algomint early investors in the seed round:

Meld Gold founders launching Algomint, Algorand’s Digital Asset Minter

What is Algomint

Finally, Algorand will welcome its preeminent digital asset minter, Algomint, in Q3 2021. The platform, built by Meld Gold founders Michael Cotton and AJ Milne, will bring vast liquidity to the network to unlock the limitless potential of the Algorand DeFi ecosystem.

DeFi has experienced explosive growth by 7,500% per year since early 2020 and is not slowing down, yet it has been restricted by slow speed and high transaction costs of the mainstream Ethereum network. During 2021 we have seen a huge amount of Wall Street money…


Algorand’s Digital Asset Minter

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