Hi Algominters,

We would like to update everyone on Algomint’s operational status and address some questions you might have.

We understand that some customers are experiencing delayed responses to support queries, and the delay in refunds has caused anxiety among some. We apologise for the delay and frustration caused, and…

In November 2021, Algomint launched its MainNet on Algorand, enabling interoperability with a gateway bridge between the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks and Algorand. Algorand is an open source blockchain equipped to serve a wide array of global use cases given its superior performance, scalability, security, stability, and functionality, and has…

Algomint partners with Algorand Foundation and Nettle.

Algomint have today announced their commitment and intention to ensure that every Bitcoin coming to Algorand through the Algomint bridging platform will be net carbon negative. This will be facilitated through a partnership with the Algorand Foundation and Nettle, an ecosystem of Dapps for doing good built on Algorand, who…


Algorand’s Digital Asset Minter

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